The Enneagram

The Enneagram – it is a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting (“ennea” simply is Greek for nine).

It describes how each type views the world through a set of lenses or filters that greatly limit our experience and perspective. Underneath each pattern or Enneagram type is a basic proposition (or belief) about what we need in life to meet our basic needs for love, security and worth and consequently to have this satisfying life. The Enneagram understandings help us in releasing from our old limiting patterns, enhance our strengths, and compassionately understand those in our lives.

Our vital relationships are the foundation upon which we thrive or wither. So why do we keep repeating behaviors that don’t work, don’t bring satisfaction, and don’t bring us love?

Through the Enneagram and counseling sessions you can find a profound and powerful way of understanding ourselves and others that offers a clear path to answering these questions and even more importantly to love and happiness.

This clear path is the Enneagram system of nine personality styles rooted in our neurobiology and evolution. What is the Enneagram? How does our Enneagram pattern or type help and hinder our most important relationships? How can we deepen and heal our vital relationships? What are the key ingredients for healthy intimacy? And what is the role of presence and spirit and in sustaining loving relationships?

Through a variety of workshops, classes or one on one sessions, we will explore together how

  • the Enneagram’s understandings of type patterns
  • the embedded higher qualities of type
  • and the powerful Universal Growth Process for Self-Mastery consisting of Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Action, and Adherence (the “5As”)

can be applied to heal, develop and strengthen our vital relationships.

For each type we will delve into

  • the habitual patterns of attention and their profound effects on our relationships
  • the Enneagram’s gift to love
  • and the specific tasks for development.

We will apply the power of the “5As” in creating relationships that flourish with love.

Classes & workshops format includes lecture, discussion, interviews, and practical exercises. This offering is designed for all who want to deepen and enhance their primary relationships with partners, family members, friends, or close work associates, and for practitioners working with relationship issues.



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