Access universal wisdom by learning how to tune in to messages from angels, spirit guides or those who have passed.

$450.00 AUD

In this mediumship training course, you’ll learn about linking with spirit, angels and those who have passed, whether they be ancestors or guides.

A medium and psychic are both energy practitioners, but this course defines how each one is different. You’ll also find out how your body uses different senses and channels to develop your mediumship and psychic skills.

We’ll delve deep into energy hygiene and the importance of looking after your energy. You’ll learn how to protect yourself by having a clear intent and strong boundaries.

Mediumship requires you to have a further understanding of energy and vibration.

We’ll discuss death, near-death experiences, ghosts and ancestral medicine.

You’ll be introduced to channelling. Through an understanding of different dimensions, you’ll learn how to channel and control that energy. You’ll also learn how to open up, tune in and close down.

You’ll learn:

  • What mediumship is along with the science that proves mediumship
  • How to communicate
  • How to identify the energy and how to interpret messages
  • Receiving and validating evidence
  • Improving the quality of the connection
  • About energy, spiritual realms, connecting with other beings
  • How to communicate with other people’s loved ones
  • An introduction to channelling
  • Energy hygiene and protecting your energy

What’s included:

  • A 30-minute coaching session with me via Zoom to assist you with your blockages, gifts and experiences
  • eBook
  • Access to a private forum
  • Hands-on learning in a small group setting (strictly limited to 12 participants)


  • 6-week course
  • Scheduled either:
    • One evening a week over two consecutive weeks, or
    • One weekend day over two consecutive weeks

Investment: $450

Join us to learn how to connect with those who have passed in a safe space, feeling supported and with the right tools and protection:

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