Planetary Days, the magic of the universe.

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“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither wildly as they slip away into the Universe…”

Have you ever wondered why some days of the week feel more productive than others? Why is the weekend the weekend and why Fridays always seem so frivolously abundant with great vibes?

As the Beatles sang, so the answer can be found, ‘across the Universe’.

You see, every day of the week is associated with the planet that rules that day. By harnessing the energy on that day you’re opening your heart to being more in tune not only with your life around you, but the higher self within you.

Learning about the days, the hours and their complementary planets is a powerful way to enhance your daily planning when it comes to things like productivity, rest, play, work, and above all ritual work.

This is where significant growth is possible.

So which day couples with which planet?

  • Monday – Moon
  • Tuesday – Mars
  • Wednesday – Mercury
  • Thursday – Jupiter
  • Friday – Venus
  • Saturday – Saturn
  • Sunday – Sun

When we dive into the energy of the planets and truly start to learn how that impacts us, there’s a few key things we can start to pull out and learn to work with. In an ideal world our working week would be Tuesday to Saturday. Monday is the day of the moon, the energy is gentle, it’s nourishing and soothing, making Monday a perfect day for self-care activities. Unlike Tuesday, the day of Mars which brings with it the essence of GSD – getting shit done! Making it a great day to kick start a productive working week.

Knowing the planetary alignments that correlate to the days of the week can help us to infuse more magic into our day to day lives. An easy example, and perhaps the one I’m asked about most besides money is the day of all things love, Friday. Friday is the day of Venus and the perfect day to invoke spells and rituals around love, connection and relationships. But, once you get to know the planetary hours, you’ll also discover that the day of the moon, Monday, is also a great time, but only after dark when the moon beams her beautiful light across the universe. More on planetary hours later…

You might be thinking this is all very random, but I can assure you it isn’t. It’s a knowledge that’s steeped in ancient wisdom and acknowledged across a myriad of diverse cultures. Time is a man-made construct. Ancients civilisations realised many moons ago that planetary energy was stronger on some days than others.

We can look to the Roman Empire as a perfect example, they assign a god to each day of the week.

But how do hours factor in? As a society we start our new day at the stroke of midnight, but when we refer to a planetary day the day begins at sunrise so using Friday and Venus day as an example again – Venus Day starts at sunrise on Friday and ends sunrise Saturday.

When we look at planetary alignments and hours, things get a little trickier. Although we refer to Friday as Venus day and the day of relationships and love, I also mentioned that Monday after sunset has similar energy due to the planetary alignments. Making Monday the day of the moon, combined with the planetary hour of Mercury which is communication, ideal time to have a conversation about a relationship issue that you may be navigating.

It may seem confusing, and until you’re familiar with the planetary days and hours things are a bit confusing, but there are many apps on the market that can help break it down day by day.

Start simple. Take the days of the week and their planetary placement and really start to work with the energy.

For me, I schedule my work days Wednesday to Sunday. My day off is always scheduled for Monday the day of the moon so I can truly lean into rest and marinate in the moon day energy, filling my watery Pisces moon cup up to replenish and honour my personal energy stores and soul needs.

Why wouldn’t I start my work week on Tuesday the day of Mars and of action? I harness this energy to channel my productivity into admin, planning and getting things done for me that would otherwise end up on the list of things that I don’t have time to do.

I’m not a tick things of a list kinda gal, so learning not only how I work but how the energy of each day works means I can really utilise all the tools I have at the ready to establish a work and life rhythm that really suits my needs.

Let’s dive into the planetary days

Sunday – The day of the Sun.

Oozing with creativity. With illumination. With expression. Sunday is the day the Sun lights up anything you make a conscious choice to give energy to. Spend your day planning and preparing to be seen, it’s a great day to put yourself out there. Get clear on your ambitions, write down your goals and dreams, look to the week ahead, put your effort into anything that will give you vitality. Sunday is the way we muster the light of the sun to bring us abundant confidence.

I write blog posts, get clear on what I want to achieve across the next six days of the week, pour myself a wine and record podcasts, oozing with creativity and content.

Colour for Sunday the day of the Sun – orange or yellow.

Monday – the day of the Moon.

Close your eyes. Picture yourself floating in an open, calm sea, the waves gently rocking you back and forth and you feel weightless. Nowhere to be, nothing urgent to do. This is the energy of the Moon day and of Monday. Which is why so many people struggle to be productive on a Monday. We’re not meant to hustle on a Monday, we’re meant to prioritise self-care. Monday is a day to replenish the soul through idleness, through things like swimming in the ocean, walking on the beach, taking a bath. It’s also a great day for spiritual work, to sit with yourself in compassion and care.

Mondays are the days I truly let go and just be. I don’t take calls, I don’t rush or put effort into anything not meant for me. Mondays are my days.

Colour for Monday the day of the moon – white or blue.

Tuesday – the day of Mars.

If Monday is the day to retreat and go inwards, Tuesday is the antidote with its energetic, GSD (get shit done) vibe. Tuesday is a day of action, with Mars bringing the energy of conflict it’s up to us to channel that energy and to use it in your favour. A great day to do any ritual work that centres around justice, or any challenges you might be going through. A great day to participate in sports with it’s fiery, energic vibe.

On Tuesdays I amp up the productivity and get my meal prep for the week done, I catch up on emails, dedicate time to exercise and motivation, and tackle the things on the to do list that I usually find draining.

Colour for Tuesday the day of Mars – red.

Wednesday – the day of Mercury.

Communication is key on Mercury day. A powerful energy to harness, Mercury energy is juicy, it’s chatty, it’s connective. A great day to study, to write, to prepare a speech or presentation, to be present and engaged on your social media. Wednesday is the day to tackle the accounts and business details you’ve been putting off, or to create a new ritual or habit that will further your goals.

I start early on Wednesday so I can offer sessions for my US clients, meaning I finish earlier so I can dedicate the communicative energy to tackling emails and creating new content for my platforms. Mercury day is the day to speak out in whatever form works best for you.

Colour for Wednesday the day of Mercury – green.

Thursday – the day of Jupiter.

Do you ever get to Thursday and feel like you’ve got a grasp on life? Things are running smoothly and the productivity is starting to flow? Thursday being Jupiter day brings with it the energy of expansion and knowledge. It’s a great day to take a course, to spend time engaging in intelligent conversation with friends, to network with focus on wealth, success and growth. An opportune day to seek financial or legal advice or assistance. It’s also a fabulous day to embark on an adventure and commence travel. Adventure could also refer fertility treatments, as Thursday is a great day for this. But just to note, it is auspicious for other medical treatments.

Colour for Thursday the day of Jupiter – yellow.

Friday – the day of Venus.

Like the sweet and juicy nectar from a fresh peach in summer, or the indulgence of a fine bottle of wine, Friday is the day of all things Venus, which means all things romance, passion, fire, sex, love. It’s brings a sensual and intoxicating energy to do everything with love, art and beauty. A great day for shopping, investing, or enjoying art and music. Host a dinner party with friends, or book in a date night with your partner. It’s a brilliant day to have conversations about connection and relationship if you want a positive outcome. The energy Venus brings to a Friday is one of my favourites, laced in all the beautiful things life has to offer.

Colour for Friday the day of Venus – pink or green.

Saturday – the day of Saturn.

Is Saturday errands day in your house? There’s good reason for that, the energy supports an action-packed productive day. It’s a great day for grabbing your fresh produce from markets, getting things organised around the home, tackling those renovations and home extensions. We all know it’s the day real estate thrives with open homes and auctions. The energy supports the busyness that Saturday brings.
For me it’s a full Brisbane day of clients. But as a side note, it’s not a great day for haircuts!

Colour for Saturday the day of Saturn – purple or black.

The deeper you dive into the learnings of the planetary days the more you’ll start to identify how each day and the energy it brings affects you and your personal schedule. Play around with it, start to implement small habits and rituals to honour the planetary days and take note of how your energy changes.

If you’re interested in learning more about planetary days, start with these articles that help to guide you in your learnings.

Remember, regardless of your beliefs, there’s magic all around us that continues on despite whether we engage with it or not. The energy of the planets and the days associated enables us to tap into the magic of the universe, the same way the roots of a tree are nourished by the earth they’re planted in.

To grow your roots and nourish your potential, take note of the magic around you and within you.

Julia x

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