Psychic Protection and Energy Hygiene

Psychic Protection Bubble Julia George

It’s not talked about enough. It’s not practiced enough. 

Psychic Protection is essential for maintaining your own psychic space in public and personal spaces. It’s imperative in order to protect yourself against people and souls whose energy and attitude affect you. Drain you. 

When Psychic Protection is practiced regularly, you are able to protect your own energy.

In sessions every week, as soon as I meet my client at the door, I am sensing the energy field of the person I have just met. I’m tuning into the field and getting a clairvoyant (seeing), clairvoyant (hearing) or clairsentient (feeling) sense of the person I am with. 

Everyone has an energy field. It’s an intricate and dynamic energy field made up of many layers. 

Your aura or energy field holds past, present and future information. That includes trauma, frustration, past life information, relationship issues and energetic pulses about your present relationships and patterns. 

When we don’t clear our energy on a regular basis, energy blocks can occur in our aura, energy field and chakras. 

If you have ever felt like you are drained, ‘just don’t have energy’, a sense of anxiety and panic, they are indeed signs of an unhealthy auric field or occasionally ‘psychic attack’. Have you ever met with a friend, you have lunch with them for an hour or so, when you leave they state ‘oh god it’s been so great to spend time with you’…… but you get into your car and feel drained and are glad to be in your own space. That would be an indication of ‘holes’ or leaks in your energy field. 

Some people drain our energy and they don’t know they are doing it, but when you have a weakened energy system or poor Psychic protection, people and their energy can steal your energy or drain it. 

When we are low on energy it can be for a variety of factors, some of which are drains or leaks from our auric field. When this occurs our life force can get depleted. 

It took me some time to learn my personal signs of a depleted auric field or psychic attack. I can feel nauseous, panicky, a sense of dread (yet there is nothing wrong). My sense of perception becomes paranoid and my intuition feels fractured. 

Thankfully, it is very easy to repair the auric field with some simple tools. And a lot of self care. 

Cleansing tools: 

Sage: smudge your home and whilst the sage is smoking, run it about about 10cms away from the body. With the smudge in your right hand, start at the hands and trace the outline of your body. If the sage/ smudge stops smoking, relight it and continue where you left off. 

Salt: I use salt across my front door, if its a result of someone being in my home. I will sprinkle coarse salt around my bed (on the carpet) and vacuum up the next day. 

Salt scrub: I use this as often as needed. Daily! And at the very least weekly on a Sunday. The of the Sun. I get out in the Sun, come home and use a salt scrub that I made myself. I also have an amazing Lavendar scrub from Kiehls that I find both nurturing and cleansing. 

White light: imagine you are in a shower. Close your eyes. Picture the shower head above your head 15-20cms above the crown chakra (the top of your head). Turn on the ‘tap’ and light white light wash over you. 

Energy hygiene should be done at the beginning and the end of day. If at any stage in the day you feel low in energy, you can use any one of these tools. The more you focus on psychic protection, the you become aware when the leaks and drains begin. 

Energetic clearing is an empowering way to take responsibility for our own health and energetic wellness.

This practice stems from a willingness to make time to sense what you’re feeling and take time to be attuned to your vibrational, sensory and psychic senses. That focus allows you to experience a shift from feeling blocked and tight to open and available to heal.

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