S.P.E.L.L.I.N.G and the power of words

Spells and words

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.”

– Albus Dumbledore

The words we choose, the way we choose to use them and the intention we place behind them matter.

Words matter. They seep into our pores, into our belief system, into our psyche. They create, dictate, and resonate, creating spells that weave their way into magic.

Spelling is about the way we put letters together to form a word correctly, ‘spelling’ is how we put together a collection of words to form meaning, create habits, manifest our dreams and intentions.

Choosing our words, is choosing how we want our life to look. The words we speak to others has an effect on them, but above all the words we speak to ourselves has an extraordinary effect on us, and on our cellular memory. Put simply, words effect our brain.

Recently I pulled out some old journals. I started to read the words I’d scrawled across its pages and was instantly transported back to the moment in time that I had written them. The memory was as vivid as the moment itself – I was sitting on the grass with my journal in my lap, the pen gliding across the page, a once blank page was being filled with hopes, dreams, wishes and unknowingly setting the intention and energetic vibration on which I would then act, unconsciously bringing my words to life. A life that I am now living as many of the things I wrote on the page that day have come to being.

You get to choose your life, the same way you get to choose your words. When we write in journals, or speak our wishes into the night sky, when we kneel in prayer, or meditate on a sankalpa, our words are being planted, magic is spoken and written, and life blooms.

In doing these things, we are casting spells.
Our words are our spells.
Our thoughts are our spells.
The ink that fills the blank pages of our journals are spells.

In 1974, an experiment was conducted in which people were asked to recall what they’d seen in a car crash video. Some were asked if they’d seen “the” broken headlight, while the other half of the participants were asked if they’d seen “a” broken headlight. Those who were asked if they’d seen “the” broken headlight were three times as likely to have seen it than those in the other group. Truth was, there wasn’t a broken headlight in the video.

A single, small collection of letters created a memory people believed was true making them report on something that never even existed!

That’s why the words others use towards us can impact on how we see ourselves too. Words can save and words can wound. Asking someone is they’re ok can save, that’s why days like R U OK day have been so successful, there’s power behind the words, and more so the intention behind them.

Writing a love letter and pouring your heart out to someone can be nerve wracking because instinctively we know the weight our words carry, we know that they carry intention from the heart and in opening that up we’re opening ourselves up to creating a life we dream of, but also to being hurt.

Words can make you laugh, cry, happy, sad, angry, confused, joyful, fall in love or even out of it. But one thing words can’t do is die, words when spoken or written are put into the universe, creating a ripple effect dependant on the intention behind them. That’s why repetition of the same words, call it an affirmation if you like, carry such a heavy weight in creating a life you speak into existence.

And while we should always be mindful of the words we speak, we can’t always be perfect, healers or speak love and light. I for one have enjoyed the comforts of being able to mouth “what the fuck?!” behind my mask during Covid! But being in control of our words is also being in control of our emotions and that is an important part of self-awareness and growth.

Storytellers are magicians and producers of nightmares.
Witches are magicians and speak curses.
Parents are magicians and the devil.
Lovers are magicians and the cruel.
Friends are magicians and enemies.

We are all writers, magicians, spell casters and healers depending on the words we choose. The words we write and say change how people think, feel, live, and believe.

Still don’t believe in the power of words? Finish this sentence:

“What if…”

Oh, the endless places those simple words, those six letters, can take you.

Be bold with yours, be brave, be hopeful and unlimited.

With magic,

Julia x

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