Tarot IS MUCH more than just cards, it’s ancient wisdom that anyone can access. This will be fun learning and deepen your understanding.

$161.00 AUD

Tarot Workshop Level 1:

Tarot IS MUCH more than just cards.
It’s ancient wisdom that anyone can access. 

This will be fun!! and help you to get to learn the Tarot or get to a deeper understanding. Any level of experience can do this course.

If you have a deck that you own or know of one that speaks to you, PLEASE use it. For an extra $30 I can send do you a deck. They are very easy to find online. You should you use a deck that you feel drawn to.

I do not believe in the fallacy that you have to be gifted a deck. You can choose your own. Or if you have been given one and you love it use that.

Introduction to Tarot Course will include:

  • History of Tarot
  • Choosing a Deck
  • Protection & Grounding Techniques
  • Clearing your mind
  • Chakras + Zodiac Signs + Elements + Suits + Energy + Seasons
  • Minor & Major Arcana

Pentacles Suit
Description of Pentacles Suit

Cups Suit
Royal Court Cards (Pages/Knights/Queens/Kings)
Description of Cups Suit

Wands Suit
Description of Wands Suit

Swords Suit
Description of Pentacles Suit

Additional info:

  • Daily Card
  • Past/Present/Future
  • Celtic Cross
  • Different Spreads

Private message me for details or call 0488777123


Once you have completed this course you are eligible to do level two.

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